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ASDMA has taken up two projects for implementation in Assam under the collaboration entered with Earth Institute, Columbia University. The first project is:‘Disaster Risk Reduction, including Climate Change Adaptation of Guwahati in the Context of Dynamic Growth’

Project 1: Disaster Risk Reduction Including Climate Change Adaptation of Guwahati in the Context of Dynamic Growth

  1.  Key Outputs of this Project:
  • Identify key features of local climate and its predictability at sub-regional spatial scales, on seasonal to multi-decadal timescales.
  • Map dynamic and emergent vulnerabilities and risks to climate, and assess future risks based on past trends in the growth of Guwahati.
  • Mapping of key stakeholders/institutions, policies and urban development strategies, identifying key decisions across timescales.
  • Develop climate adaptation solutions with needed information tools for use of key stakeholders.
  • Enhance awareness and build capacity of relevant stakeholders.

Under the Project, the Earth Institute will develop contextualized disaster risk reduction solutions, including climate adaptation, to enhance resiliency of Guwahati city to the impact of climate extremes, to assist decision makers, engaging them in a participatory process aimed at building capacities to manage climate and disaster risks.
While the Earth Institute will be the lead institute, they will be supported by Project Partners viz IIT Delhi and SIU , Bangalore. Further, ASDMA, Water Resource Department and IIT(G) would also support the implementation of the Project.

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