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In case of any Emergency dial - * 0361-2237219, Toll free no: 108 & 1070 *
Who We Are
Profile of ASDMA
Focus Areas
Initiatives and Interventions
  • Integration of Emergency Helpline Number-108
  • Guwahati Emergency Management Exercise
  • Great Assam School Shakeout (2010, 2011, 2012)
  • National School Safety Programme (NSSP)
  • GIS Mapping Utilities & Infrastructures for Assam
  • Flood Hazard Atlas of Assam
  • International Day for Disaster Reduction, 2012
  • Flood Early Warning System (FLEWS)
  • Status Survey of Hospitals & School Buildings in  Guwahati City and Retrofitting Solutions
  • Disaster Risk Reduction, including Climate Change Adaptation of Guwahati in the Context of Dynamic Growth
  • Water Resource and Flood & Erosion Risk Mitigation Planning in Assam
  • Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability Assessment
  • Study on Flood Damage Mitigation Measures for Barak Valley in South Assam Including Effects of Climate Change
  • Literature Survey for Earthquake Hazard Assessment studies related to NE Region
  • Critical Analysis of existing Seismic Micro-zonation Study of Guwahati City
  • Landslide Hazard Risk Mitigation for Guwahati City
  • Operationalization of District Disaster Response and Information Centre
  • Operationalization of Revenue Circle Level Disaster Information & Response Centre
  • Constitutions of Quick Response Teams
  • Formation of SDRF
  • Apartment Society Sensitization Programme
  • Involvement of NGO with ASDMA & DDMA
  • Incident Response System (IRS) in Assam
Disaster Management Act, 2005
Assam DM Rules & Policy
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