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Current/Ongoing Events & Initiatives undertaken by ASDMA
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Events & Initiatives
1. Induction Training Of Newly Recruited Project Officers On Disaster Management
2. Assam State Disaster Management Authority observes INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR DISASTER REDUCTION 2017
3. School Mock Drill: A preparedness initiative October 2017 – November 2017
4. Workshop on Disaster Preparedness in Hotels Cinema and Shopping Malls
5. Gaon Panchayat EMEx Phase -II
6. Gaon Panchayat EMEx Phase -I
7. ASDMA and DDMA Officials visits Nepal for gaining knowledge on Earthquake Recovery and Rehabilitation activities post 2015 Earthquake
8. Regional level Consultation on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation into Development Policies and Practices on 7th and 8th March 2017
9. Workshop on Disaster Preparedness on 24th April 2017
10. Regional Consultation on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation into Development Practises, with UNICEF Assam: 5th – 9th December 2016
11. All Assam Drama Competition Logo I Logo II
12. District level IRS workshops
13. Pilot project: Developing Model Flood Resilient Villages in Assam
14. Training Calender December 2016
15. Community Resilience Project for Sustainable livelihood through DRR mainstreaming
16. Mainstreaming DRR and CCA into development policies and practices
17. Conduct of Flood Mock drill
18. Training of volunteers on search & rescue at district & sub-district
19 Mock drill in Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH)
20. Ward level Mock drills in Guwahati city
21. Earthquake Damage & Loss Estimation of Guwahati City for Scenario Earthquake
22. GOI-UNDP Project on Enhancing Institutional and Community Resilience to Disasters and Climate Change
23. Concept paper and guidelines for making villages flood resilient through departmental schemes and projects Phase 1
Past Events & Initiatives undertaken by ASDMA
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Events & Initiatives
1. Training report for the month of November 2016
2. Workshop on "Earthquake Damage and Loss Estimation of Guwahati city for Scenario Earthquakes
3. Workshop on Application of Bio-Engineering Techniques for Mitigating River Bank Erosion on 22nd & 23rd November 2016
4. Training Calendar November, 2016
5. Training Report October, 2016
6. Training Calendar October, 2016
7. IDDR 2016 Celebration: 28th October,2016
8. Earthquake and fire mock drills in educational institutions for (colleges and junior colleges)
9. Workshop on Hazard Risk & Vulnerability Assessment
10 Flood Resilient model Villages
11 Independance Day Programme in the districts
12 Training Calendar September, 2016
13 Report on Training activities in Disaster Management (September, 2016)
14 Capacity Building Workshop on developing Community Learning Programme for Disaster Management
15. ASDMA's 100 Days Achievement_Vision of Govt. of Assam
1. Revised Flood Hazard Atlas with 18 years dataset will be released
2. Development of a web geo portal on google platform with all critical infrastructures for decision support will be made available online.
3. Online Management Information System on Search & Rescue equipments Inventory for Assam
4. Mapping of open spaces within Guwahati city to assess the availability of open ground as part of its preparedness measure for response in case of a major earthquake.
5. 200 Apartments of Guwahati city will be sensitized on Earthquake preparedness & fire Safety on a door to door basis.
16 Report on Training activities in Disaster Management (August, 2016)
17 Independence Day programme in the Districts
18 Report on Training activities in Disaster Management (July, 2016)
19 Flood Mock Drill in 10 Revenue Circles of Assam
20 "Jalrahat" - Mock Exercise with India Army (view pictures)
20 District level training on Incident Response System for IRT members in 5 districts (view pictures)
21 Workshop On “Flood Mitigation Measures For Barak Valley In South Assam Including Effects Of Climate Change” (view pictures)
22 Apartment Society Sensitization Programme (view pictures)
23 World Environment Day - Download
24 Urban Flood Radio Campaign - Download
Sharing Status Survey Report of Hospital Buildings in Guwahati City and Retrofitting Solutions - Download
Documentary Film Screening For Line Department Officials - Download
Sharing Status Survey Report of School Buildings in Guwahati City and Retrofitting Solutions - Download
Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation into Existing Government Programmes - Download
29 All Assam Quiz Competition “QUIZDOM 2014” a knowledge based campaign on disaster preparedness with the theme “Know Disaster, No Disaster” (Download) (view pictures)
30 Final Report on Status Survey of School & Hospital Buildings in Guwahati City & Retrofitting Solutions (Download)
31 UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction- publications relating to ASDMA’s best practices.Click here to view the Page
To download the Projects please click here.
32 Awareness Generation Campaign Richter 8.1 – BEAT THE QUAKE (Download) (view pictures)
33 Meeting on safety of School Buildings & other DM related issues with Education Department
34 Workshop on IRS
35 Training of 27 DEOCs Information Assistant
36 Stakeholder’s Consultation on GOS-NGO Protocol for Disaster Management
37 Celebration of ASDMA Foundation Day
38 Protecting Small Businesses in Urban Areas: From Disaster Response to Risk Reduction
39 Exhibition on 14 years of Governance
40 Talk on “Managing Guwahati: Today & Tomorrow”(view pictures)
41 State Level Workshop on Promotion Of Climate Resilient Livelihood(view pictures)
42 State Level Workshop on Climate Change Impact on Forest & Wildlife(view pictures)
43 Presentation on the Final Findings and Recommendations of the project “Disaster Risk Reduction Including Climate Change Adaptation of Guwahati in the Context of Dynamic Growth” (view pictures)
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